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Since we started dating in the fall of 2003, we’ve pretty much been inseparable. The short version of who we are is an Author/Playwright/Publisher and Photographer (Cheril) and a former Finance Executive who is now a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer (Monica). We firmly believe in “work hard, play hard” and this blog is just to help us archive some of our most fun and thought provoking endeavors.

We’ll update this section soon, but in the meantime more can be found out about us on our business sites:

Cheril N. Clarke

Philly Speechwriter – Cheril’s site that’s dedicated to executive communications

LGBT Children’s Books

Cheril Nicole Photography

Virtual Hypnosis Center

South Jersey Healing & Wellness Center

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nichole Nelson

    Dear Cheril,

    My name is Nichole Nelson and I recently came across your Facebook page and the blog that you and your wife operate, after Googling for resources/websites for black lesbians. After perusing your Facebook page and website, “Cheril and Monica’s blog,” I was truly inspired to see content produced by a feminine, black lesbian couple. As a feminine black lesbian interested in dating other feminine black lesbians, this image was truly refreshing to see. I recently came out and spaces, organizations, and content for black lesbians, especially feminine black lesbians, seem difficult to find. I was wondering if you knew of any organizations or events in New York or Connecticut that center feminine, black queer women. I can imagine that you’re very busy. Any help or advice that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Nichole Nelson

    P.S. How did you two meet?

    1. cheril Post author

      Hi Nichole,

      Many apologies for the late reply. Thanks for checking out our site and the kind words! Unfortunately, we don’t know of any spaces in NY or CT for this demographic. We’re in South Jersey and at this point find ourselves settings with all kinds of people vs. niche/community; so sorry we couldn’t offer any suggestions. I know how hard it can be to find what you’re looking for. (We never quite found it ourselves!)

      We met in 2003 at the LGBT center in NYC. 😉

      Take care,

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