Beautiful Bermuda

It’s amazing to go back and look at these pics after all of these years. It’s been almost seven years since we took this vacation with friends and my how we’ve changed!

Cheril in Bermuda


We cruised to Bermuda from the port of Philly with friends–our first time going on vacation with another couple—oh, how great it is to have someone else for Monica to go shopping with or for Cheril to be laid back with! LOL. Bermuda is a beautiful little island that’s worth a trip given it’s proximity to the states. We’re not sure if we’d go back, however. There’s just too much more world out there to see.

We wish we could say something specific about being out and about there but can’t say that we noticed treatment either way. The fact that we cruised in and were with another (hetero) couple made it hard to tell. One thing about us is that we’ve been together for so long that we often don’t see our relationship as any different than others, and when you walk around with that certainty (in most places in our part of the world), most people will take their queues from you. And of course, discretion and common sense goes a long way anywhere.

Some pics are below:

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