Booze and blues by the beach

For the longest time we purposely avoided festivals–too many people, too hot and humid, too many lines, etc., a tone of excuses—but this year we’ve decided to focus on what’s good about all of the local festivals that happen during the summer. Obviously, food is at the top of that list! LOL. Now that we’ve relaxed a bit and ventured back out we realize it isn’t really that bad and we probably just got worn out by them because we used to work a lot of pride festivals to sell our books (vending will burn you out!). Anyway, this past weekend we drove down to Wildwood (Jersey shore) on a whim and checked out the Anglesea Blues Festival. I don’t know about other people, but the music came second to the food. Ribs, mmm…..

Racks of ribs

On the evening we went, Mike Guldin & Rollin and Tumblin, was performing on stage. Their soulful sounds filled the streets as people either roamed around in search of their next bite or danced right there in the streets. It was a family friendly affair and we were glad we trekked the hour and a half down to check it out. Spontaneity is usually a good thing and we are trying to do it more often.

From Louisiana style beignets to apple flavored barbecue sauce slathered over ribs, kettle corn to apple pie. The food was good, fattening and All-American. LOL. While Monica came home and hit the treadmill, Cheril decided to let as much of it stick as possible! Some pics from the night are below:

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