Cheap date in South Jersey – an evening with the Riversharks

Who doesn’t love a cheap date? LOL We’re all for the finer things, but we also enjoy LOW COST outings just as well; and a ticket and a hot dog for $9 per person is right in line with the latter! Thanks to online deals, we’ve dabbled into some activities that we’ve never done together before, particularly America’s “favorite” pastime (to who?:).

Riversharks vs. Ducks

Just kidding. We know that once upon a time, before video games, smart phones and the Internet, this is how many people in America may have “passed time.” Oh, how things have changed!

Riversharks vs. Ducks

Let’s get this out of the way. Baseball takes forever. It’s a long game, and to be honest, no one in our family can really claim to be a real fan of it, but it was still worth a shot. We went twice this summer–once with our mini me and the second time just the two of us.



Mini me and Monica were bored first time, but Cheril being Cheril, entertained herself by taking pictures and enjoying the sunset behind the field.


Monica and mini me were great sports about it and eventually entertained themselves either texting or people watching. LOL We did get really good seats both times, which were right behind the home team area (in case you’re wondering why there are so many empty seats from our view—that was the opposing team’s section).


When we went back the second time there were more people than the first, lots of excited children and a ton of activities for the them to get into while the game was in between innings. If we had a son, or just a younger child, we’d definitely make this outing the norm. We didn’t know what was more entertaining, the teenagers heckling the opposing team (Long Island Ducks) or the little kids going nuts when they had an opportunity to catch a t-shirt signed by the Riversharks. Their excitement was adorable.

It was refreshing to see families genuinely enjoying being out with each other in an area that is all but written off by most people in the region. Camden, that is. And knowing that even if they had a family of four or five it wouldn’t break the bank. We hope—and we know many others have been hoping for decades—that Camden, NJ will one day make a come back. That it will be just as strong as once was—when you didn’t have to be worried about making a wrong turn and finding yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Will we go back? Probably not this season, but very likely next summer. Go Riversharks! 🙂

Until then…



What sports are you into (if any)?

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