Christmas in Atlanta 2014 Part 1- Family fun and a little tourism!

This year for Christmas we wanted to do something different. Instead of just spending our entire time away from work at home with family, we decided to make a multi-city road trip out of the week. The first stop was the suburbs of Atlanta to spend time with Cheril’s brother and family. Atlanta is not nearly as nice (weather wise) as our usual Christmas destination of Miami, but it was definitely worth visiting.


We’ve both been to Atlanta before, but it was always for work—either for our corporate jobs or to sell our LGBT children’s books at Atlanta Black Pride. This is the first time that we actually slowed down to enjoy the city as a tourist would, and we definitely had a great time. After opening presents and hanging out with family for Christmas, we spent our first day in the city at CNN for a tour.


Cheril and Monica CNN tour

Images of CNN Newsroom photographed on July 15, 2011 in Atlanta,Inside_Stock 005

The hour-long tour was pretty cool, especially for those who love journalism or are just curious as to how newsrooms work. You get to see some of the command centers and listen in on audio from control rooms (although most of it was inaudible for our tour). The best part of the tour was probably the demonstration of green screen technology and how they use it to broadcast weather reports. We went the day after Christmas and it wasn’t as active as it probably normally is, but it was interesting to walk-through and watch people as they worked (probably annoying to work at a place that’s a tourist attraction though) lol. All in all, it was worth the stop. **Special thanks to the ticketing agent who honored our tickets for a later tour since we actually missed our slot. The guy on the phone said we’d be “out of luck,” hah!**

While downtown we also killed sometime by taking a ride on the Atlanta Skyview Ferris wheel.


The good thing is that since we went during the day the line was very short, the not so cool thing is that the views weren’t as great as we’re sure they would have been if we’d gone at night. The bartender gets a special shout out for being crunk so early in the day though. LOL! Fun times!


After doing that, we ventured on up to Atlantic Station for food and exploration—what’s up with the 17 1/2 street though, ATL? Why not just go from 17th to 18th street? lol Anyway, we really got lucky because it ended up being a beautiful day.

And even though we didn’t plan on it, we ended up in this area for three days (Strip restaurant got some money out of us!)

DSC_1434As the night wound down, we checked out the Hawks vs Bucks basketball game, tickets courtesy of Cheril’s brother–thanks, bro!


Too bad they lost. We hope the losing spirit of Philadelphia’s Sixers didn’t follow us down there!


As with all forms of live entertainment, it was fun anyway! In the spirit of brevity, that’s it for this entry. Part 2 of Atlanta will share some pics from the Zoo, a Hindu Temple and Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint! Below are a few pics from a stop at Lake Lanier on Christmas night (and other snapshots from part 1). Unfortunately, the drive through at Lake Lanier was a dud of an experience and felt more like sitting in traffic than an awe-inspiring journey through holiday lights. Rock City in Chattanooga, TN was MUCH better for that (we’ll blog about that soon too).

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