Christmas in Miami with the family- 2008

White Christmases are overrated.

Yes, snow is pretty and everything (on the first day), but let’s face it; for those of us who live in areas that get it every year it can get just downright annoying after a while. This is one of the many reasons we GLADLY pack up the car and head to Miami for holiday festivities with Cheril’s family. Cheril grew up in Miami but never appreciates it until it gets cold outside. To hear her tell it, Miami is hot, humid and boring, but Monica loves it and will take 500 pictures of palm trees every time as if she’s never been there before! But hey, she’s originally from Minnesota so maybe she gets a pass for that.


December and January in Miami are heaven—beautiful temperature, not too many tourists and just an overall good time with family. This is usually the one time a year most of us are all in the same place at the same time and it’s always a joy to see how fast the kids are growing up. Isn’t it funny how when you were a kid the days seemed so long but as an adult watching kids the time seems just fly by?

Anyway, during this trip we tried to do more than the usual sit-around-the-house-all-day-with-family. We took time to explore parts of south Florida as though we were both tourists. From the Bayside waterfront to the Miccosukee Indian village and the Everglades.


It was a great holiday trip filled with life, love and adventure!


This alligator handler was quite impressive! One thing we didn’t do because we weren’t in the mosquitos was an Everglade swamp tour on a boat. Maybe next time.


Maybe not. We’ll see. lol


Creepy crawlers aside, we also took a trip to the exquisite Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.


What a divine place! It was a perfect spot to spend some time after sloshing around in the swamp. lol And of course one can’t go to Miami at Christmas and not visit Santa’s Enchanted Forsest. Anyone who grew up in the area will tell you that’s the place to go to see “snow” in Miami.


This was a great time with the kids.

While in town we decided to head up to West Palm Beach to check out a few of Monica’s NJ transplant friends, and made a quick stop at Lion Country Safari. LionCountrySafari_4

This is where Monica had the rather nasty experience of feeding a giraffe. He was cute but whoa nelly was his tongue icky! All in all it was a fabulous vacation because we had plans. So, the next time you’re in a place where you can wear shorts in December we highly recommend getting OUT and seeing things! Think it out in advance so you don’t just open gifts, eat and sit on the couch. Go for it!

More pictures from this trip are below:


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