Christmas in the Bahamas

We decided to do something different this year and go on a family cruise for Christmas.

It was a nice way to spend time with our family in a non-traditional way. We cruised the Norwegian Sky from Miami to the Bahamas and enjoyed a wide variety of entertainment that satisfied everyone from the kids to the senior.


Bahamas has beautiful beaches and lots of water activities (Cheril tried snorkeling for the first time and loved it!) but admittedly with such a short time in Nassau and Freeport, we found that there wasn’t much else to do in the amount of time allotted off the ship. Bahamas actually came off quite boring, but we know that when cruising you run the risk of getting this (often false) impression so we won’t definitively declare it as such. Also, you can only expect so much from an island after all…most people are just going for the water, not history, architecture, etc!

Nassau and Freeport were full of color and nice people. Had we gotten there a day before we could have seen the lively Bahamian “Junkanoo” festival. We saw remnants of the annual event strewn all over downtown Nassau and could only imagine how fun it must have been.




Making the best of our time in Nassau we opted for a quick tour by taxi, which was underwhelming because most places were closed and there just wasn’t much of interest on the route except a fort. Our taxi driver told us about a so-called waterfall “just around the corner and down the steps,” which ended up just being a tourist trap at which we met another “tour guide” who gave a 30-second talk about the waterfall (which had no water in it) and then asked for a tip. We knew our driver was full of it after he told us his name was Carlton then handed us a business card with Ralowe on it. When we called him on the “waterfall” he tried to play it off like, “you mean that water ain’t on??” You knew damn well there was no waterfall back there, Carlton/Ralowe! lol

But so it goes. They’re just trying to make a couple dollars so whatever.

Freeport was even more of a disappointment. There were dozens of vendors selling the same exact items in each stall and that was about it.

The same bags, figurines, t-shirts and fake dread hats. Conch food stands with no conch and barely other seafood available for sale. Sigh…We quickly decided to head back to the ship and take advantage of all the on-board activities instead.

Overall our trip to the Bahamas was nice for a family getaway but we wouldn’t go back on a cruise (on our own) if we wanted to get a real feel for the country. It’s just not going to happen. For that, we stick by our usual rule and fly right into a destination rent a car or hire a driver and explore things on the ground.

To created a new family memory, enjoy beautiful beaches, however, the cruise was worth it.

Until next time,

Cheril and Monica


Up next: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Bahamas

  1. Stacia

    Sorry you had such a boring time in one of the most Awesome countries…

    Flying to a destination like The Bahamas is better because then you get to experience several of its islands by boat or plane. While Nassau New Providence and Freeport Grand Bahama are the most widely known, you can experience swimming with the Pigs in the Exumas and walking the Pink Sands of Harbour Island, North Eleuthera.

    1. cheril Post author

      Thanks for responding. Flying in is exactly what I would do if I returned (why I mentioned in the article that cruising doesn’t offer the best representation of a country;). I knew about swimming with the pigs and would totally do it, but it just wasn’t possible while on a cruise (I knew that ahead of time…this was more of a family trip than adventure and discovery for the two of us).

      If we head that way again it will be by plane!

      1. Stacia

        Excellent….we look forward to welcoming you both to The Bahamas…after all it is better in The Bahamas.. ?


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