Coming Soon: On Being Married to Your Business Partner

We’ve always worked together in some way over the years. Whether it was Monica’s side thing outside of corporate America or Cheril’s. We’ve always helped each other chase our individual dreams. But one of the reasons this blog slowed down over the course of 2016 is that for the first time we are both 100% committed to being self-employed. And that takes WORK. It takes a ton of time and energy, but it’s been worth it for us. We left our corporate and government jobs to do what makes us happy full-time. It’s been quite a ride and we’re still learning, growing and expanding, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. We do not work for anyone but ourselves and we love it!

We are serial entrepreneurs and some of our endeavors are still solo (but supported by the other) and some of our ventures are joint—those are our family business so to speak. A link to most can be found on our About Us page. Each of us focusses on what we are best at doing and together it all works out. (Monica: operations, legal and finance; Cheril: project management, marketing and advertising.)

We’ve decided to use this little corner of the blog to talk more about our primary joint business, My Family!, which is a publishing and manufacturing company that makes books and games that affirm LGBT positive families. We have unrelated projects in the pipeline that we’ll be discussing at a later date as well.

We get questions from time to time about what’s it like to be married and work together (don’t you guys get tired of each other?), and general questions on how to start, how we found our passion, how we make time for it all, what it’s like as a triple minority, and how we make sure we don’t burn out. So, we thought it might be a good idea to answer all of those questions here, which will make it easier to refer to in the future.

We’ll be testing a variety of formats from just text blogs to videos to see what resonates the most with people and go from there. We hope that this will be of value to any person or couple who might be thinking of doing the same thing. Ideally it will cut down your learning curve and possibly save you from making some of the mistakes we’ve made.

Stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more rich, in-depth content very soon. Thanks for checking us out!

-Cheril and Monica

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: On Being Married to Your Business Partner

  1. Dee

    I want to start a business based on your backgrounds I’m hoping you ladies could give me an answer. Again I want to start a small business, I have $1,000 to invest. Any suggestions on what business I can start with a small investment. Thanks

    1. cheril Post author

      Thanks for writing, Dee. If I were you I’d start with looking at your personal interests and finding opportunity there. What are you passionate about? What will keep you up late and wake you up early? What are you good at? What are you willing to commit to sticking too even when times get hard—when things start off slower than you hope? What problems can you solve for other people?

      As far as general ideas, here are few:

      -A local cleaning company (assuming you already own a vehicle – you’d need to figure out what business registration and insurance needed and then basic supplies).

      -Consulting/freelancing in your area of expertise. Create an online presence, invest TIME into building it with articles, photos, videos, great content, etc., and then look at sites like,,, etc. for work. Join your local chamber of commerce to find local, in-person leads.

      -Private tutoring – are you good at a particular subject and willing to work with kids or adults? What about finding other who are also willing to do this so that collectively you own a tutoring service?

      -Dog walking/dog sitting – only if you love pets. I can tell you right now that our biggest expense when we travel (after the plane tickets) are our dogs. When we got back from Thailand the bill for boarding them was $1,000. Two-round trip tickets to Thailand cost us $1,300. lol

      -e-commerce. Sell something. With Shopify, Etsy, eBay,, Amazon FBA, and so many avenues for online sales you may want to explore this. There is a stiff learning curve, but you can start small and take your time and learn the business. There are lots of free podcasts, FB groups and YouTube tutorials to help you get going.

      -Event planning – if you’re good at it. Look into what licenses or certifications you may need but you can always start this with family, neighbors and friends.

      -Affiliate marketing. Google search for more info.

      Starting a business with a small amount of capital is difficult, but not impossible. Spend some time thinking about the initial questions I posed. Without knowing what you’re interested in or good at I just tossed out a few random ideas that may or may not be a good fit, but hopefully they help you starting thinking more specific to your talents and skills. I hope this helps and will ask Monica to chime in when she gets a moment.

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