Cutting up at the Jersey shore with the boys!

I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since we’ve hit the beach with the boys! (This post is being backdated for archiving purposes.) Oh, what an interesting day it always promises to be when we show up with these studs!



The looks we get from some women could kill. If they only knew…we do NOT want these fools but appreciate them being troll repellents for us! (Love you guys!:) One thing we can count on when we hang out with our chiseled buddies, however, is that no other men will bother us – perfect!


This is one thing we ALL wish we could do more of. As of this writing (July 2014), Monica and I have hit up the Jersey shore a few times by ourselves, but it’s never the same as going with the guys. The people watching, the failed swim attempts, the harmless search for eye candy as well as the occasional few pages of reading that eventually becomes clipped by a snooze–and the spill-the-dirt dinner that usually follows.

We love hanging with the fellas because they keep us on our toes. How can we not try to look as best we can when walking around with them? Oh, the pressure!


Neither of us workout as hard as they do so we tend to always be trailing them but we don’t care. Having friends who inspire you just by being themselves is always a great thing.

Here’s hoping we can get it together before summer 2014 is over!


What’s it like going to the beach with your friends? Do you guys actually get in the water or just sit and people watch all day? If your life is filled with children, how do you manage to keep up with those little rascals and what’s your favorite thing to do with them at the beach or pool?

A few more pics are below:

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