Denim and Diamonds dinner party with friends

We love getting friends together for a dinner party, especially one with some kind of theme!


So far we’ve done black and white, we’ve done celebrity look alike and we have dozens of other party ideas that we’ll get to in due time. Denim and Diamonds was small gathering that was really fun and easy to prepare for. Many thanks to Chef Joe Brown of Melange Cafe (Joe has since moved on from the restaurant business, much to our dismay!) Melange was our favorite spot in South Jersey–where else could we find crab meat cheesecake?? LOL.

Speaking of food, also on the menu that evening was Gnudi All Aqua (Naked Ravioli), smothered chicken with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies, and Joe’s absolutely-to-die-for BOURBON BREAD PUDDING!! It’s too bad we didn’t get pics of the food. We were too busy eating it. lol


To throw additional flavor to the mix we also decided to hire a local caricature artist to create images of our friends.


As well as ourselves. lol


All in all it was a good time in suburbia. lol This is one theme we’ll probably do again at some point with different entertainment.




A few more pics are below. Can you guess which two people were the life of the party?


Fun times!








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