Four Days at Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort in Thailand = BLISS

This place is a dream.

In our last post we briefly touched on this resort with two detailed videos but we enjoyed it so much we really think it deserves a post of its own. Cheril found this gem of a location while seeking out the best Thailand had to offer when it came to relaxation and Santhiya did not disappoint. This was the place at which we wanted to spend our actual wedding anniversary. We wanted to be away from it all. We wanted to appreciate our surroundings in all of its glory. We wanted peace, luxury, time for reflection on our first decade of marriage and we couldn’t be happier with the experience we had at Santhiya.

To get there we flew from Bangkok to Phuket where we were greeted by Santhiya staff at the airport to take us, by air-conditioned van, to a marina.

There was a bit of a wait at the marina for the next leg of the trip but it wasn’t too bad. It was in the resort office we got our first look at how detail oriented everything was going to be from there on out. Everything seemed to be made out of detailed carved wood and the staff was extremely friendly and eager to help with any and everything you needed. After we got out of the van they hurried to get our bags ready for loading onto the next boat while we were given refreshments and time to fill out necessary paperwork for our stay. Below is a little snippet of the ride from the marina to the resort.

Iconic views on the way

Upon arrival we knew we’d made the right choice. The views, the sheer size of the resort (several restaurants with jaw-dropping views, an international library, zen music everywhere, a gym, a boxing gym, two pools, a massage hut facing the beach and so much more). Staff was everywhere yet it never felt crowded or intrusive. Whenever you needed something someone was close enough to help you but not once did we feel like their presence was too much. This was just the way it had felt 10 years ago when we were first the two brides to ever be married at Oheka Castle. The service and attention to detail at the venue was impeccable.

We adored Santhiya and will definitely go back in the future. We think it’s perfect for a nice getaway for 4 or 5 days if you’re in Thailand (anything beyond that and you might be bored unless you really like just laying around). As with most resorts, everything to do is through the resort–and because this is on its own little island you can’t really leave to go off and do much else. They do have offer excursions and have kayaks and paddle boards on site. There is also a beach that is open enough for you to walk down and see couple of other places where people are staying. In fact, we decided to get massages off the resort because it was much cheaper and had the same view. We’re all for luxury but we’re not going to over pay just for the hell of it. The other huts were literally less than a 3 minute walk away – the only difference was whatever magic Santhiya uses to keep mosquitos and other tropical pests away noticeably stopped after we veered off the resort.

We kept repellent on us at all times so it wasn’t a big deal, just something to keep in mind because we were amazed at how Santhiya could literally be so wide open with food and drinks everywhere and not have any pests except a few ants here and there.

We decided not to do any excursions and just stay on the resort because that was the experience we wanted–not running around and dealing with a bunch of people and transfers. This was the chill part of the trip.

Below are a few more pics.

The one above sums up the feel of our stay. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Our next post will be our trip from Santhiya to Chiang Mai where we explored night bazaars, checked out lady boy shows, and took in exquisite mountain views before heading back to Bangkok to shop and party with locals.


Until next time,

Monica and Cheril

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