A time capsule of life, love & adventure…

The decision to do this blog came out of our desire to have one place on the web to keep track of the things we do. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram etc., are all great, but we wanted to have a place that we owned—one that we wouldn’t have to worry about fading away one day (MySpace, anyone?) and the ability to organize and archive the things we get into.

As of this writing we’ve been together for almost eleven years and the decision to do this blog made us travel down memory lane and appreciate how much fun we’ve had and continue to dream and plan for things we want to do. We’re aiming to keep it laid back and informative. Also, we recently decided to do more formal bucket lists, so some of the things that end up here may be very simple (but important to us) to grandiose. W’re getting ready to kick it up a notch! lol

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2 thoughts on “A time capsule of life, love & adventure…

  1. Z Amara

    Hello ladies,
    Wow, I just stumbled on your site and loooooove it! I edit a website focused specifically on celebrating black lesbian relationships. I’d love to interview you both if possible. Check us out (www.blacklesbianlovelab.com) and let us know.

    Z Amara

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