Indoor rock climbing in Philly

This is something Cheril has been wanting to try for some time so we finally decided to just go ahead and do it with friends this year at Go Vertical in Philly!

Cheril and Monica at Go Vertical in Philly

This is so much harder than it looks–not that we thought it would be easy, but we totally were not ready for “pushing up with our toes” as opposed to¬†pulling¬†up with our shoulders and arms. Ouch. lol We would still do it again because it was a great workout and a fantastic, non-typical get together with some of our best buds. (I still forgive you all for laughing at me, jack asses–Cheril) lol.


Some photos and footage are below:


[fvplayer src=”″ width=”1920″ height=”1080″]

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