Indoor skydiving in Orlando

What a rush! A few years ago Monica wanted to go skydiving. Real skydiving, like, an out-of-a-plane-in-the-sky jump. Thankfully the opportunity to try indoor skydiving came up first and we were able to give it a try before she signed up for the real experience. We went with friends who had had experience so we had somewhat of an idea what to expect.


The good folks at Orlando Skyventure were really great in prepping us for our first experience in a wind tunnel but wouldn’t you know after all of the noise Monica made about wanting to do a real jump she was the first one panicking and wanting out of the simulation? lol. It’s not a joke and while it can’t compare to real skydiving (what, with no SKY or view and all), it’s still a heck of an experience for someone who isn’t used to being off her feet with a constant rush of wind in her face. Cheril had a blast and has been looking for a place relatively close to home ever since.

Neither of us will likely jump out of a real plane—at least we have no immediate plans of doing so. In the meantime, indoor “jumps” will do just fine. Give it a shot!

Some videos are below:



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