Kangaroos, Monkeys and Machine Guns – There’s more to Miami than South Beach

Another trip to Miami. We’re trying to get down there more often to visit family and with that endeavor comes the challenge of finding something new to do when we’re not in the house. On previous trips we’ve hit up the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians, Key West (which we need to return to, it’s been more than a decade!) and gallivanted all over South Beach with friends. This trip needed just a few new points of interest to spice it up so one of our first stops was to Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle).

Cheril and Monica in MiamiJungle Island could easily be the type of place that’s written off as ‘just for kids,’ but there are really enough exhibits for everyone to have a good time–perfect for a date or the whole family. There are animals from all over the world in the “jungle.”

From parrots to orangutans, alligators to lions, Jungle Island is a bit like a zoo except for the fact that there are more opportunities to interact with the animals.

Monica and Cheril at Jungle Island


Some were in fenced in areas, such as the kangaroos above, while others were in the arms of handlers walking around. We held a baby alligator (must have been 30 pounds!), pet goats and got up close and personal with penguins, parrots and snakes.


It’s a bit pricey, but considering you could spend all day there if you did lunch and a show and then went off to their beach, it’s worth the cost of admission. The price of their photos are where they’ll get you though! hahaha One of the highlights of this excursion was interacting one on one with lemurs. Jungle Island usually only allows six people per interaction, but it was just the two of us for ours.

The Lemur Experience

The Lemur Experience

These little guys are from Madagascar and can jump up to 25 feet in one leap. They were all over the place and even scent marked Cheril’s knee. We guess he liked her! All in all it was a good place to spend the day – reserve the lemur package in advance online if you decide to go. And it’ll be almost impossible to take your own pics with them jumping all over everything so plan on springing for Island’s photographer (about $50) if you want photo memories.

On our second day, we went to Lock and Load Miami to shoot machine guns for the first time.


While we went here for fun, we are also very serious about learning different methods of self-defense. From MMA training, weight and strength training to learning how to use different types of guns, between the two of us we take it as serious just as much as we use it for safe, recreational purposes. A few more pictures from this trip are in the gallery below. We did make a stop on South Beach and a trip up to Hollywood Beach, the latter being more enjoyable for us at this point in our lives.

Hollywood Beach, FL

Hollywood Beach, FL

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