Las Vegas: split decision!

We hit Sin City for fourth wedding anniversary, if we remember correctly, and are split on if we’d go back.


Monica had already been to Vegas once or twice for business and it was right up her alley. As far as Cheril, as boring as she can be used to be, it was highly overrated. It wasn’t a bad trip, just not one on which we equally fell in love with the city.

Cheril and Monica in Las Vegas

The best thing about the trip to Cheril (outside of spending time with Monica, of course) was the hotel suite at Trump International.

From the sweeping city views from floor to ceiling windows in the living and bedroom to the in-mirror TVs and gigantic marble tubs in the bathroom, it was definitely one of the better suites we’ve stayed in. But of course, we didn’t go there just to stay in the hotel and look at the skyline!  ClubXS2

We ended up heading out to Club XS where we met up with some fun folks from LA and hung out for the night.


Clubbing gets old after a while, of course, or maybe we’re just getting old. LOL. So we took a departure from the party scene to checkout the Zumanity show and do some shopping as well.


Those of you who may have read my Beautiful People short story series should note that the theatre scene in the story was very loosely inspired by bits and pieces of this trip.

Anyway, last on the list were the casinos. As you can see big spender Cheril was killing them that day!

Cheril in Las VegasWill we go back? Probably not strictly to Vegas. We do plan on taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon in the near future, however!

A few more pics are below:

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