Night Bazaars, LadyBoys and Elephant Sanctuaries – Exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand

Quick post to recap the last part of our vacation to Thailand, which we spent in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. The highlights:

Night Bazaars! If you love shopping, these night markets will give you a rush. They’re filled with every kind of product you can think of (jewelry, linen, table mats, hats, socks, furniture, lol) and no price is set in stone. In fact, it’s a part of the culture to bargain so if you don’t indulge you could likely be paying double what you should. Jump in and go for it!

And next to the particular bazaar above was one of the highlights of our trip: the Ladyboys! We ran into a few before their show started.

Check out some snippets from their performances below:

Finally, we spent the day at Ran Tong Elephant Sanctuary where were able to learn quite a bit about the rescued elephants, ride them up a mountain and give them baths afterward. We know this is a sensitive topic for many and we did our best to choose a sanctuary that seemed to have the elephant’s safety and health at heart. The animals had plenty of space in which to roam around and did the ride bareback (no heavy carts to hurt their backs), they also went completely at their own pace, half the time ignoring the guide who was trying to coax them up the mountain. Only voice commands were used. Some pics and videos are below.

This was just the stop we needed to balance out our trip and have a few down days before heading back to Bangkok to party and shop. Our next post will featureĀ a video that we actually did for Curve magazine. It goes into more details of the trip with video clips and more.

As always, thanks for reading!

Monica and Cheril

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