Oregon is so underrated

This was one of those meet the parents trips early in our relationship (circa 2005). We’d been together for two years or so and it was Cheril’s first time meeting Monica’s father. Nerves were all over the place to say the least. We knew he was open-minded and excited to see us but we were still super nervous!

Well, we couldn’t have been more surprised, thrilled and in awe that he was at the airport waiting for us with flowers. Not only did he lay our anxiety to rest, he was ready to be the best tour guide and father figure we could hope for. He even let us know that he’d read a book on what it meant to be the parent of a gay or lesbian child because he wanted to do it right. He was amazing.


Thanks to him we got to see the glory of Oregon’s coast. He had everything planned so that we could spend time together at home AND check out just what it was that made him not want to come back to the east coast!

Cheril and Monica

Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of pics from that vacation (still looking for some prints we know we had), but fortunately, we did get have a nurturing time with him. A few years later he would leave this earth and transition to his next journey in life and we’re forever grateful that we took that trip. We will definitely go back to Oregon again to experience the joy we first felt almost ten years ago.

oregon all 3

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