Paradise in Puerta Vallarta

Ahhh, this was one of our absolute favorite vacations to date! We teamed up with our trusted travel agent (savvyTravel Group™) to make this magical week happen because we wanted a luxurious mix of romance, adventure and relaxation. Mission accomplished!

Puerta Vallarta

Puerta Vallarta

We took this vacation in 2011 so of course the experience isn’t as fresh as it would have been if we were blogging at that time (today’s date is 7/13/14). In any case, we have to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We knew when we were booking this trip that it would be our last “all out” trip for a while as Cheril was moving down to part-time at work to pursue her theatrical endeavors. We figured we better get it in because there might be some tight times ahead after we got back! lol It was worth the splurge…

The vacation started off fantastic with an upgrade to First Class out of PHL to PVR and didn’t disappoint throughout its duration. All of our local contacts were extremely helpful, from our drivers for the week to the housekeeper, chef and property manager of the villa we rented. With their limited English and our basic Spanish, we managed to communicate just fine in Spanglish! The property sat on top of a mountain overlooking the beach, and with every bedroom have an awesome view and balconies galore we literally tried sleep in a different room each night to get a 360 experience. Some photos are below:

[metaslider id=71]


All in all we did the following:

  • Off-road tour through mountains to meet and eat with locals, with bbq at the beach afterward
  • Checked out a drag queen show at “Dirty Bitches” lol
  • Saw some Mexican cowboys in a club
  • Private, candle-lit dinner on the beach at La Palapa restaurant
  • Private massages on one of the balconies of our villa
  • Zip lined through a jungle (okay, not really) and over a river
  • Lovely dinner at Cafe des Artistes
  • And so many more intimate moments with locals on the street!

We had no issues being two women who were traveling alone and at no time felt the need to hide our relationship (but to be fair we’re not big on public displays of affection beyond hand-holding anyway).

Puerta Vallarta was a friendly place and one to which we’d love to return—not to mention the US dollar goes a long way in Mexico! The only hiccup was Cheril forgetting her Kindle on our first flight, but as luck would have it, some good Samaritan turned it in and she was able to get it back when we checked in for our departing flight. Oh–and finding out Ricky (our driver) got tossed in jail for fighting someone who smashed into his new car (a luxury vehicle that he depended on for his living). Lucky for us a replacement was ready right away. We hope Ricky got out and got his car fixed because he was an excellent guide! lol

Below is some footage from our zip-line tour.


Until next time…


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