Philly’s Running of the Santas

Sometimes we stumble on the oddest events. By far, the annual “Running of the Santas” has got to be one of them.¬†Cheril went to this alone just to see this spectacle up close and personal.


While this was our first time hearing about this event, apparently it isn’t new at all. The Running of the Santas is a national pub crawl across 25 cities.


As you can see from the picture above and obviously the fact that it revolves around booze—don’t expect any wholesome depictions of Santa if you decide to check it out next year near you.


If you’re in the mood to check out drinking, smoking, dancing and stumbling Santas, then this event is for you! (Would you be a part of it¬†next year? We think we have some friends who are crazy enough to do it, but are not so sure ourselves. lol) Just look at the starting line up:


Though the three-block run from the “South Pole” to the “North Pole” kicked off at 4pm, it was clear that almost every Santa and his many elves had been drinking long before then.


Many of them only made it half-way down the first block before tiring out. Others, missed the kick off all together. lol.


It was interesting to say the least, especially seeing the women who wore minimal clothing despite it being near freezing outside (not to mention heels–go figure). Below are a few more pictures from this colorful event:




DSC_1181We really, really wish the following shot was in focus, but you get the point. He was having a great time!!!


Does your city host this event??


Until next time…

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