Sunny San Diego with friends

California, oh how we love you! This was Cheril’s first trip to the Golden state, but a return for Monica. We went out to visit great friends who had recently relocated there from the east coast and could tell immediately why they made the jump. San Diego has just the right combination of beautiful weather, spectacular food and liberal people to make one fall in love.San Diego 2013

It’s a good thing we have friends there because it means we will always have a place to stay! lol For Cheril, the highlights were the food (the elk sausage ravioli from The Tractor Room restaurant is phenomenal and the colossal burgers from Slaters 50/50 was divine!). All of it was in a laid back atmosphere. For Monica, the shopping and bar hopping. lol. The picturesque scenery coupled with the company of awesome friends was enough to tempt us to think about ditching the east coast but we just can’t do it. Not now.

Other highlights:

  • La Jolla cove and the glory of nature
  • Gondola ride by the San Diego Gondola Company
  • Hiking—all 10 minutes of it—Cheril didn’t eat a proper breakfast had us all turning back before we could really start. LOL (sorry! -C)
  • Did we say the food?
  • Getting a tour of local neighborhood by our friends
  • SUNSET CLIFFS!! This alone is worth a trip back. It’s truly breathtaking.

Some pics are below…

[metaslider id=183]


Thanks for reading and, until next time…

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