So much soul music this year (and a little hip hop and R&B too)!

The Tedeschi Trucks Band, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones—what a great year enjoying live music we had!


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this many shows in one year. After getting back into live concerts, however, we know this will be the standard more often than not going forward. No more excuses about not having time or anything else. The energy we get and the ability to forget about work, school, and whatever else is usually taking up most of our waking is worth it making these little endeavors a priority! Not to mention how inspired we usually leave each show.

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Celebrities who are at the top of their game because of their work ethic (not their personal lives or non-talent related fame) are full of energy. You can feel it the moment you walk into the venue and we respect the hours and hours of work they put into their craft to make sure they put on an excellent performance.

Jay-Z on the run Philly

We went to mostly soulful shows this year with the exception of Bey and Jay (Cheril is huge Jay fan all the way back to Reasonable Doubt). We hadn’t seen Beyoncé since 2003 and figured it was about time to check out the Queen Bee before she retires or takes a long hiatus (yeah right. lol). On the Run was a good show, but after having seen them separately in the past we think we like them better a part (on stage). OR, if the entire show were just them without the chopped up movie it would have been better.

Beyonce and Jay-Z on the run Philly


All of that aside, the one thing that made it totally worth it was the magic moment Cheril touched Bey’s hand. Not a self-described Stan (she doesn’t own all of Bey’s albums), that was still a great moment, which was right about here as she was coming from the second stage:

Cheril Beyonce.

That’s probably as close as either of us will ever get to her because we’re not willing to drop a mortgage payment to be in the standing-only Beyhive section. Lol. Speaking of meeting artists, we did get to spend a few moments with the super-soulful Susan Tedeschi of the Tedeschi Trucks band.

Cheril-Susan Tedeschi-Monica

If you have never heard of this big band and enjoy the blues we suggest you check them out. All of the musicians are amazing (shout out to our buddy Saunders Sermons who is a beast on the trombone–far right in the pic below—he sings too;) and Susan has a voice that can touch your soul. This is the third or fourth time we’ve seen them live.

Tedeschi Trucks

Anthony Hamilton was another artist we got to spend a few moments with this past weekend. He put on an excellent show for his new album “Home for the Holidays.”

Cheril and Monica with Anthony Hamilton

This was our first time seeing him live and we can definitely say it won’t be the last. He’s an entertaining guy with a rich voice. All of his background singers are just as talented as he is.


To top off our experience with him he autographed a few things for Cheril after the show (pretty sweet since we were only supposed to get a quick photo ;). Nice guy, that Anthony (and Reese for making that happen). This was the perfect show to bring this year to a close.



We also got a chance to check out John Legend for the first time at the Kimmel Center in Philly. It was a beautiful and romantic performance. There isn’t much to say about John’s voice that hasn’t already been said. We’d see him again too.

John Legend collage

More pics and from all of these events are below (videos on Instagram @cherilandmonica):

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Until next time…

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