There’s just something about New Orleans

We adore this city.


New Orleans is just one of those places we fell in love with instantly. The people, the food, the music–everything. We went in 2010, and even though it had been years since Hurricane Katrina, signs of her destruction were still evident in certain sections. It was quite a site to see up close what we’d only seen on TV prior to our visit. It became more personal and we hoped that everything would be fully rebuilt soon. It looks like (for the most part) it has.

We went in January for our wedding anniversary and that particular weekend (unbeknownst to us) was Superbowl weekend so needless to say things were a bit chaotic after the game, lol. It all added to the French Quarter experience, but we were grateful we were just a quick cab ride away from our room when we wanted to get out of the joyful ruckus.

As for our experience, it was perfect from the start. We stayed at the lovely Le Pavillon hotel.


The staff and service was superb and we would recommend this gem of a hotel if you’re in New Orleans. After checking in we did the usual tourist things—tours, dining and exploring.



Of all the things we visited the most interesting was probably the cemetery. I don’t think we’ve ever been any place where cemeteries were tourist attractions, but these were very much something to see. Big, bold and and like a cryptic villages, these final resting places were pretty unique.

Above ground cemetery


Looking at this picture now actually seems a little weird, but oh well, it felt right to take a snapshot while there. lol

Anyway, a few more pics from this trip are below. New Orleans, we’ll see you again soon!

Bits and pieces of this trip were taken and kicked up 1,000 notches for Cheril’s short story, The Beautiful People: New Orleans.


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