Travel Discipline – Why every “deal” isn’t for you

Flight deals, error fares, glitch fares…if you’re always on the hunt for a good deal like we are then you’re more than familiar with these terms. Sometimes our social media streams can literally be overflowing with links to travel deals, so much so that we (Cheril, really, because she’s the one who catches them) have to un-follow every now and then. Sometimes it can be too much, too tempting and just not right for us and thus, we don’t need to see it. We can’t be the only ones who feel like this so we decided to do a very quick blog post on travel discipline and why every deal isn’t right for you.

Just a few weeks ago Guatemala was a hot destination. Round trip tickets were going for less than $150 from some cities! We were so close to jumping on it. We mean really close, but then we held ourselves back because we know that the plane ticket is just step one. We had to think of the many hidden costs of frequent travel:

  • Airport transportation and/or parking
  • Gas money and toll if you’re aren’t flying out of the airport closest to you
  • Travel insurance (don’t leave home without it if you’re traveling international)
  • Pet care (often this is our biggest expense, costing more than two round trip plane tickets!)

  • Visa application fees
  • Hotel rooms or other lodging costs
  • Expensive airport food if we don’t eat before we leave or pack a snack

The list can go on and on for various situations. This is when we have to stop and ask, “is this really a good deal?” If $150 flight (or $300 for two) ends up turning into a $3000 trip, then no. At least not all the time.

We say all of this to say as much as we love travel, we don’t believe in going into debt for it. Guatemala will still be there next year or whenever it fits into our plans. So don’t ever feel like you’re missing out on the deal of a lifetime because the truth is deals happen all the time. Unless it’s a country that could become war torn or your health is going downhill, the sense of urgency can be a false trigger. Keep your “travel fund” stacked so you can pounce on deals, but if it’s running a little low don’t be afraid to say no, not at this time (until you’ve replenished the cash). Unless you just like having trips follow you home in the form of credit card bills we say just be patient and pay for it cash. 😉

Until next time,

Cheril and Monica


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