Two Days in Chattanooga, Tennessee

What a great southern city. Granted, we were only there for two days and did a bunch of touristy stuff, but we still came away with a very good impression of a city that isn’t talked about often. Hello, Chattanooga!

DSC_0265This was supposed to be our second to last stop on this road trip. Being 20 minutes away from the horse farm on which we stayed in Trenton, GA, it was an easy way to pluck off a “new” city (and state) on our quest to visit all 50 states by the age of 50. Neither of us had ever been to TN and Christmas time ended up being a beautiful time.


Entrance to Rock City

Of all the Christmas villages we’ve been to over the years, from Miami to Atlanta to New York, we have to say the one at Rock City (TN) was absolutely the best. There were thousands of lights throughout the park and hundreds of tiny details that really made this place magical. We felt as though we’d been transported back to childhood with all the whimsical lights and sounds around us.




It was cold though. Really cold. And up in the mountains. Even though we were dressed properly it still felt a bit too chilly to stay as long as we wanted at night. We did go back during the day to capture the sweeping mountain views. Pictures don’t do it justice since there was a bit of mist in the air.



Lovers Leap

Gorgeous. We can only imagine how much more beautiful it must be in the fall when it’s bursting with colors. This whole mountain area is worth a drive through. Forget taking 95 all the way down the east coast, take the scenic route through the Appalachian mountains!

Cheril and Monica Rock City

Yeah, we know Cheril looks crazy wearing a baseball cap AND that furry business, but whatever. Comfort first. lol


Passage called Needle’s Eye.

From Rock City, we went to the historic Ruby Falls. As the story goes, a cave enthusiast named Leo Lampert is responsible for what it is today. He discovered it in the 1920s. With a small crew he crawled for hours to see where it went and eventually found himself at one of the most magical things he’d ever seen: a natural waterfall within the cave. On another trip in, he went with his wife whom he later named the cave after. Or something like that. Check the link in the first sentence of this paragraph to learn more.

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The tour itself to get to the waterfall wasn’t the best we’ve experience (corny tour guide who laughed at her(or his–we couldn’t tell) own jokes. Seeing the grand finale was worth it, however. There were stalactites and stalagmites galore and whatever this formation is in the pic below.

DSC_0253DSC_0248After this we made our way to Incline Railway (if you ever visit here, just get a pass for all three attractions at once because it’s cheaper). They’re all close to each other and can be done in a day or two depending on your desire.


Starts at this point and up that steep mountain ahead.

They call it America’s Most Amazing Mile. We haven’t seen enough of America to validate, but for now…it’s aight. lol


Going up (backwards).


At the mountain top and it’s about 8 degrees colder than the bottom!

Good stuff. Fun times. Check it out if you’re in the area. It’s worth the detour, we think. What cities do you think are underrated and worth a visit? Let us know!


Below are a few more pics from our trek back home. We were planning to add another stop to Asheville, NC but ended up leaving a day early because we were tired and homesick. As we drove back through TN and VA we enjoyed more wonderful views. Check out Monica and her shenanigans voguing down the side of the mountain. We’re convinced she was a DRAG QUEEN in a former life. lol Those who know Monica personally know how RuPaul she can get!


Scenic stop somewhere in TN heading toward VA.

If you love a city that most people ignore, let us know about it and we might just breeze through. While international travel is great, we have so much beauty right here at home. Until next time…thank you for reading…


Cheesy vacation pic. lol



2 thoughts on “Two Days in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  1. Claudia Moss

    Greetings, Cheril and Monica!

    Wow! I loved this post! For one, I absolutely love Chattanooga, TN. The last time I was there I read for a book club that invited me on Facebook! How amazing! The book club put my sister Bernie and me up at a lovely hotel and the book club reading was at a wonderful bar and grill. The members were warm, well read and willing to talk story and characters throughout dinner. Oh, and the organizer took us on a sightseeing tour afterwards.

    I’d already visited Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain and found them absolutely fascinating! The TN aquarium is a must see for the next time you visit the grand old Southern lady!

    Have you and Monica visited Tuskegee Institute, AL? I think it would be a beautiful, historic, delightful place to visit next!

    Your quest to visit all 50 states by age 50 is simply STUPENDOUS!!! Do carry on, ladies! Oh and Monica, LOVE the VOGUING!!!



    1. cheril Post author

      What an awesome experience you had, Claudia! We did see the aquarium when we went downtown for dinner but they were closed by the time we finished. If we’re ever there again we’ll be sure to check it out (there’s just so much world to see)! lol We have not been to AL together yet. I went to Huntsville, AL once when I was a teenager, but it definitely wasn’t in the spirit of the goal we have now. We’ll probably get back down there in the coming year or so.

      Thanks for reading!!

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