Waffles, chocolates, and extraordinary architecture: A day in Brussels

Brussels was a last minute addition. We were looking at tours and other things to do while in Amsterdam, and noticed a day trip to Belgium. It was one of those spur of the moment things in the final hours of planning that we just tossed in.The square in Brussels

It’s unfair to judge a city based on a one day visit so in all fairness we mostly have good things to say about Brussels. The voyage we took from Amsterdam was via bus through Viator. It was a pleasant three hour ride with scenic, country-side views.

DSC_0276When we first got on the bus, however, Cheril noticed a loud couple who we’d happened to see in the airport in Philadelphia. What were the chances we’d run into these no-sense-of-self-awareness folks again?! Of all the thousands of tourists in town, we had to see them. lol. They were so bad we actually remember their names! Bless their souls. The moment we saw them we got up and moved to the upper deck of the tour bus, but of course we saw them again when we got off.


When we arrived, they were just as bickerish (we’re sure that’s not a word), and chatty as we imagined they would have been the entire ride. Thank goodness we spotted them with enough time to get away! Anyway, it was a nice ride and we had a quick stop for a photo opp at the famous Brussels Atomium.

Cheril and Monica

It was here that the first scents of Belgian waffles started to tease us. You don’t need to go to a restaurant to get these wonderful waffles. lol. There are waffle trucks and waffle stands everywhere!


It wasn’t until the end of the day that we finally stopped to get a couple. Before then, we spent time exploring the eye-popping architecture in the main square.


It was a charming meeting place with street musicians, horses and people from all over the world.



We spent the day window shopping and a little actual shopping, plus taking time to pop into a French restaurant, Taverne du Passage, for lunch. The food was forgettable and the service left a bit to be desired. Between Monica’s wine glass already having lip marks on it, the fact that the waiter never came to scrape the crumbs off the table after the bread serving (after not having provided plates) and the weird, basement unisex bathroom set up, we were ready to go. Forget this place. The best thing about it is its location.


We did better when we finally stopped to buy chocolate souvenirs for a few friends and fruit-syrup-topped waffles for ourselves.

1DSC_0421The jury is out on if we’d go back to Brussels again. Though we know it’s unfair to judge on one day, we feel as though there is SO MUCH world out there for us to see that it didn’t knock us off our feet enough for us to rush to go back. If you’re nearby, however, we’d still say pop over for a day trip. Especially if you like chocolate or waffles.

Below are a few more pictures from this day:

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3 thoughts on “Waffles, chocolates, and extraordinary architecture: A day in Brussels

  1. Claudia Moss

    Greetings,Cheril and Monica!

    Hello and how are you? I’m elated that I came upon your blog here. What a delightful way for me to vicariously share your travels in these exquisite pictures! Thank you both! I simply love the life that you two are living!

    Much love and respect,


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