Waterfalls and garlic – an end of summer trip to the Poconos

Okay so the garlic part of this day trip wasn’t planned at all. LOL. We were on our way to the Poconos to finally visit Bushkills falls when we started seeing signs for a garlic festival and figured, “what the heck, let’s check it out.”


The festival was interesting—probably not something we would have made plans to attend, but definitely not a waste of time. It’s in these little spontaneous moments that you make odd little discoveries. Vampire Repellent garlic paste, for example:

DSC_0013We stayed for a little while, browsing and sampling.


The best finds of the day, by far, however, were the different kinds of pastas!


Cheril LOVES pastas so she was in heaven! We still haven’t cooked some of the different kinds we bought but have not been disappointed by those we did.DSC_0017After wandering around for an hour or so we noticed there was a petting zoo (another odd discovery—a petting zoo at a garlic festival?) Sure, whatever.


We didn’t pet the animals or stay much longer after seeing them. The day was slipping by and we still hadn’t gotten to our destination: BUSHKILL FALLS.


Bushkill has been affectionately nicknamed the Niagra Falls of Pennsylvania.


We will definitely have to go back because it was beautiful and we somehow didn’t think our wardrobe choices through well enough to endure the different trails. This is what happens when we just wing it. lol. There were tons of other people there and it was a bit more crowded than we would have liked so next time we’re going to go back in the middle of the week instead of a weekday. We hate crowds, but we are appreciative of running into other couples who don’t mind taking a picture of us if we take a photo of them.


Bushkill was beautiful. If you’re ever in or near the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, make plans to visit. It’s also a great place for kids to learn, explore and even mine for gems. We know we’ll definitely go back and likely make a long weekend out of the entire area.There are horseback riding trails, zip lining opportunities and tons of other activities for all kinds of endurance levels and best of all, it’s only two hours away from our little home in South Jersey.



Until next time…


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    1. cheril Post author

      We have not, actually. We saw some caves while in Bermuda years back but haven’t made it to Crystal…next year! 🙂

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