Weekend wedding in the Hamptons

Our second trip to the Hamptons—has it live up to the hype? I guess it depends on why you’re there. It is a beautiful little hide-away but not unlike many other places.¬†LOL.

This time we were in town for a friend’s wedding and enjoyed the seclusion. We opted to skip the hotel in which many other guests were staying for a quaint little B&B that had it’s own path and basically private beach. Since it is a bit of a hike to get to and there are no places for public parking, it means that the beaches are pleasantly¬†uncrowded. That’s the beauty of it.

Early morning in the Hamptons


Even though the wedding we went to took place in early June of last year (we’re writing in 2014 for archiving purposes), it was unseasonably chilly. So while we had the entire beach to ourselves, we didn’t dare put more than a few toes in the water. LOL. Anyway, some pics are below:

[metaslider id=228]


We might be back!


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