Weeknights at the beach in Ocean City, NJ

As we catch up on blogs from the summer and early fall, we are really, really missing those fun nights we chose to spend at the beach!

Monica and Cheril

We’ve lived in the southern part of New Jersey for many years now, but always took for granted how close we were to the beach. The thought of going always felt like a chore (except when it was coordinated with our friends). There were usually too many people and it just felt like a worthless hassle. That is until Cheril suggested going on week nights. Of course we could only get about two and a half hours in before it began getting dark, but we didn’t really need more time than that for just the two of us. Monday nights were perfect. All of the folks from Philly and surrounding areas had gone home and it was nice and peaceful.

Cheril and Monica

Hand-in-hand walks and little forays into the cool evening water were some of the most beautiful yet simple indulgences. Not to mention free. lol. Who doesn’t love a free romantic date? 😀


When the sun set and the shore got too cold, we did spend a few dollars to act like kids again along the boardwalk. Junk food, carnival rides and people watching…a nice way to wind down after work if we must say!


This is definitely a date night to be done more often summer 2015. Do you live near a beach, national park or some other local gem? How often do you take the time to explore these kinds of places with your spouse, kids or just by yourself? If it’s been a while, why not for for it? And try something new while your’e there. Cheril was terrified of the Ferris wheel? (Seriously. LOL) But she went ahead and tried it anyway just to find out there was nothing to fear—-but a beautiful outlook of the skyline.

A snippet of her shenanigans are here:

[fvplayer src=”http://cherilandmonica.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/20140630_215936.mp4″ width=”1920″ height=”1080″ splash=”http://cherilandmonica.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/20140630_220642-e1416161559612.jpg”]

Fun times…and we have no idea why there is a giant giraffe on the roof of a nearby building. Until next time, enjoy life…



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