Wild ponies, living ghosts and more on the Assateague Island Seashore

About a month ago we took a short road trip to the cute little town of Berlin, MD. We really went to the area to see the wild ponies on Assateague and Chincoteague Islands, but decided to stay in Berlin to get the most out of the trip—we didn’t want to stay on the shore, just close to it.

Cheril has been wanting to see these ponies for years (she loves horses), but for some reason we just never got down there. Well, this year we put it on our never-ending bucket list and voila! We did it. Always write down things you really want to do or they’ll just sit in your mind as something you want to do “some day.”

Anyway, we went in the middle of the week to avoid the crowds and on day one we took a boat ride out into the marsh with Captain Spider, who was a friendly guide and good at finding the ponies in their space without interfering with them or making them afraid.

Ponies on Chincoteague

We saw a big herd, a couple of mares and their foals, and even a deer on the shore. There were dozens of beautiful birds and other wildlife along the way, which made it a very enjoyable ride aboard the pontoon. If you love nature and aren’t too far away, we recommend this excursion, especially the sunset tour.

Deer on the shore

This deer was lazying on the shore until it saw us

The next day we found ourselves wandering around Berlin whose banners around town proclaim it to be “one of America’s coolest small towns.”

Cool berlin

It definitely has an old-town, full of antique shops, simplicity about it. And the people are friendly. We spent the day visiting little museums, random shops and taking a tour with a jolly guy named Randy who operated a horse and carriage service.



Getting ready for a horse and carriage ride

Getting ready for a horse and carriage ride


All was well with Berlin except for the hotel room. Charming as it was, there was also something creepy about it. On our first night we heard tapping coming from one of the corners of the room. By the second night the AC was intermittent despite the hotel saying they’d just put new batteries in the remote. And the tapping sound was there again. It stopped when Cheril looked at it–almost as if it were toying with us. Monica, however, decided to do what she does in situations like this, and that’s cleanse the room (more about that in a later blog post:-).


After all of this we began searching the net for ghost stories of the hotel and lo and behold, there were plenty. Some people even reported hearing the laughter of a little girl in the hallway at night! Great. That’s just what we needed during a trip in which Cheril booked a “Ghost Tour” just as something to do—she didn’t think we’d actually see or hear anything, but a funny thing happened.

See greenish orb on lower left side

See greenish orb on lower left side – was not visible to the eye

See orb on lower right - on lady's head

See orb on lower right – on lady’s head

See blue portal above tree in the back on the right - it looks like a un upright paperclip

See blue portal above tree in the back on the right – it looks like a un upright paperclip

See those circles aka orbs in the shots? None of them were visible to our eyes. We went on a Chesapeake Ghost Walk that started on the boardwalk of Ocean City, MD (10 minutes from Berlin).


A beautiful night…but we weren’t alone…

This walk took a group of us around the town to explain it’s ghostly history. Now, neither of us deny the existence of ghosts. We’re not afraid of them either. And we know this post is going off the deep end of how much we usually share, but what the heck. Monica is extremely familiar with them as she is into this paranormal realm of work. She says they were legit, and the one on the woman’s head was likely a family member.

Anyway, we decided that we will skip the ghost tours for future trips. It’s enough hassle dealing with the general public and people we can see without adding the task of other purposely engaging other entities while trying to relax. It may be someone else’s definition of a fun time, however, which is why we decided to share. lol.


Indian Head Sculpture

Giant Indian head sculpture near the boardwalk

All in all, it was quite an interesting couple of days.


Until next time,

Cheril and Monica

Cheril and Monica berlin, md

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  1. Rah

    Okay that was an amazing post. Makes we wonder if you two have had your synastry and composite astrology charts done. With your travel adventures wouldn’t be a bad idea to draw up a relocation chart to see what energies await you.

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